Photo: Ryan Scheer ||

Photo: Ryan Scheer ||



Director of Photography/Director living in Denver, CO

Podcast creator/host Tension Theory

Former starving independent musician

Moonlighting as a Mcauley Culkin impersonator

I do what I do because I know what it feels like to wonder if I have what it takes, or if I’m interesting enough, or if I’m good enough – and through film projects I want to help break those same walls down with and for you, and make some kick-arse movies together. The truth is anyone can shoot a camera and make a pretty picture, but it’s the experience and vibes were all after that let us know we’re making an actual impact on one another… and If we’re not aiming to make that personal impact what’s the point of filmmaking anyway? So expect me to want to know how you’re actually doing before asking if we’re shooting in widescreen or not, I think that’s more important.

You should also know that I sometimes have a really bad case of RBF (resting bitch face), so if you catch some shade from me it’s most likely totally unintentional. I’m probably just thinking real hard and introverting to the max.

Simul justus et peccator

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SELECT CLIENTS: (agencies) Wild Manor, TDA Boulder, Karsh Hagan, Vladimir Jones || (clients) Golf Channel, Boys and Girls Club, Duke’s Meats, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, Cochlear, Lillebaby, Purebarre



DREAM CLIENTS: Felix Gray, Colorado Avalanche, Nashville Predators, John Mayer, Needtobreathe, Johnnyswim, Jackie Hill Perry, Denzel Washington, PK Subban

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