Ride On, Pilgrim || CASE STUDY Day X1

Starting production on a new short, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of a case study on the creative process. This not being the actual day one of thinking about and pre-pro for the project however, we're going to call it X1. Super legit, I know. 

My brother-in-law approached me earlier this summer with an idea for a short doc-style one day ride for his cycling. He wanted to showcase his love for cycling and how it helped him battle the pain of bi-polar disorder, and how through everything he fights for and pursues faith. Here's the reference he gave me:

I took the idea and started to run with it. I started thinking of locations, what I would shoot with, times of day, what I would do in case of weather, would I need crew, all the different production conflicts that could arise.  But something during the beginning stages of working through the pre-pro of this project got me thinking about something

that has been pulling at me for some time. I've wanted to do a narrative short for a long time, and here comes a story that has some serious weight that would be a great opportunity to apply this creative anxiety that's been hovering over me for months... why not instead of doing a documentary piece do we take this story and create a short? The answer was obvious. 

I talked to Larry and he was on board. So, begins the creative process of writing, envisioning, revising, and pursuing a story that bleeds this passion. The truth is, and what I hope by diving into the BTS of the raw feelings in the creative process will expose, I constantly doubt myself and God, and my abilities to pull off something so meaningful and urgent to who I am as a creative, so I flounder and don't pursue the impossible. I want this to be the encouraging words for those that agree and feel with me. Insert one of the many quotes about creating and failing often and thus succeeding, but it's true. If you don't "do," you never will. 

I'm a 4 on the Enneagram by the way, or so my wife says, so this whole case study may be a bit "touchy feely". By being brutally honest and exposing the thoughts that pursue my failure, I hope you will find a place to relate and belong in your creative pursuit. We all go through this crap. All of us. Don't let Instagram fool you.  

Sean Waldron