Bragging On Friends || SPUR Coffee

I’ll tell you the story of my first experience at SPUR Coffee.

Littleton, CO is the home of the original location, a small white building right off the main downtown road. A quiet slice of comfort blowing in the wind of bustling commuters walking hard trying to catch the next light rail downtown. I moved to the area circa ‘15 as a freelancer frequenting and making my daily nest in various coffee shops that would support my caffeine and internet addiction.

Photo: Ben Weise

I asked my fiancee (now wife) a good place and she showed me some pictures of this local coffee shop on her phone, she said she and all her friends really liked it. I grabbed the phone and looked closer - “full of hipsters” I barked. I couldn’t stand being in places that were overtly hipster, just snooty and cooler than anything you’d ever wish to be in a wildest dream.

And I was almost right!

I decided to hang for the day and work. I ordered my coffee and sat at the table closest to the front. After staring at the screen for a good hour straight I needed a break, so I took my headphones out and stood to walk around… the very FIRST thing I heard at this hipster coffee shop (other than “what can I make you?”) was, “BRO! But seriously, have you heard it on vinyl??”

Immediately I texted Lauren, “SEE! I freaking told you.”

I was totally right about it being full of hipsters. I was dreadfully wrong on who those hipsters were going to be as people.

As I’ve worn in the chairs over the last couple years here, I have yet to find a more welcoming place than Spur. Tyler, Marcel, and Tandy have created one of the staples of my home-state through hard work and palpable love. It shows in the family atmosphere curated in their South African hospitality, and it’s proven in the taste of everything at the shop. Every single product from liquid to solid is performed with beautiful precision constantly leaving a “wow” in the mouths of everyone after a single drink or bite.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching a bit of the BTS of their business. In the last few years they’ve grown from a single shop serving a local outside roast of coffee to buying their own roaster and warehouse for SPUR coffee, to opening a GORGEOUS second location, to wholesale-ing huge batches of 90pts or above roasts, and on their way to bigger things soon (I hear).

Ive been fortunate to build many friendships through this shop with the baristas and other regulars that I hold very close, and I’m thankful for the humbling opportunity to overlook my hasty judgement of the cover of the book. It’s taught me a very important lesson - the best stories are usually uncovered by ingraining yourself within the immediate subject and allowing yourself to experience something you don’t quite understand.

SPUR Coffee is an absolute MUST MUST MUST if you’re in Denver at any point in your life. You may even see me in the corner or at the bar with my laptop stand and blue water bottle, but if not, please give whoever’s serving you your coffee a high five and let them know I sent you.

Sean Waldron